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Pre-qualifying Rounds 18-holes Stroke Play: 
May 23 – Windham Country Club (up to 45 players)
June 1 – Nashua Country Club (up to 36 players)
June 6 –  Lochmere Golf & Country Club (up to 36 players)
June 8 – Breakfast Hill Golf Club (up to 36 players)
June 15 – North Conway Country Club (up to 45 players) 
June 22 – Hanover Country Club (up to 45 players)
June 25 – Waukewan Golf Course (up to 45 players)
June 27 - Concord Country Club (Open to Junior Championship players only)

Replacements will be taken at pre-qualifying sites; see application for details.



ELIGIBILITY: Entries are open to males who are members in good standing of member NHGA Clubs who are legal residents of New Hampshire. An eligible non-resident can play in NHGA Championships if he has been a member in good standing of an NHGA member club for the last three complete golf seasons and has played a minimum of 25 rounds of golf at this club in each of the three seasons. A letter signed by the President of the member club must accompany his first entry, stating that the player complies with NHGA eligibility requirements. Entries are subject to approval or rejection at any time by the NHGA. Entrants must have an up-to-date NHGA/USGA GHIN Handicap Index not exceeding 12.0 – GHIN index maximum does not apply to past champions or exempt players. Deadline for entries occurs when field of 360 is reached – entries will be accepted if space is available. Exempt players must enter by June 27th. 

PLAYERS EXEMPT FROM PRE-QUALIFYING FOR 2016: Austin Fox, Bob Mielcarz, Brandon Gillis, Brett Wilson, Cameron Salo, Chelso Barrett, Chris Houston, Connor Greenleaf, Craig Steckowych, Damon Salo, Danny Arvanitis, David Sherborne, Dylan Cowette, Griffin Brown, James Pleat, Jamie Ferullo, Jeff Cohen, Jeffrey Weishaar, Jim Cilley, Joe Leavitt, John Devito, Josh Chamberlain, Josh Kibbe, Josh LaCasse, Matt Paradis, Matthew Jensen, Michael Mahan, Michael Martel, Nick Fairweather, Nick MacDonald, Nick Pandelena, Phil Pleat, Phin Choukas, Ryan Kohler, Ryan Tombs, Tim Manwaring, and Host Club Exemption. 

SCHEDULE: The Championship will be held at Laconia Country Club on July 11th - 16th.  

FORMAT: Competition will be held at several pre-qualifying sites and will be 18 holes at Stroke Play. The dates and locations of the pre-qualifiers are listed above. Non-exempt players must choose in priority order the site they wish to qualify and these will be filled on a first come first served basis. Transfer from one site to another after entries close will be allowed solely at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The number of pre-qualifying spots from each location will be determined by the Committee, with the percentage being taken to be determined for each pre-qualifier based on strength of field. The low pre-qualifiers and ties from all the sites along with the players exempt from pre-qualifying, will be eligible for the 36-hole qualifying at Laconia Country Club  on July 11th and 12th. If a hole-by-hole playoff is needed for match play positions, it will begin Tuesday, July 12th immediately following qualifying rounds. Sixty-four players will begin match play on Wednesday, July 13th. If necessary, any matches that are all square after 18 holes will be decided by a hole-by-hole playoff on a hole or holes to be determined by the Committee.

ENTRY PROCEDURES: Entrants shall apply online. Entry fee of $125 shall be paid by every player. Entry forms received after the first 360 applicants will be held by the NHGA office in the event of withdrawals. Any late entry forms will be entered into the pre-qualifying field on a first-come first-served basis or the player may request to have the fee returned. Replacements by otherwise eligible players will be taken at pre-qualifying sites on a first-come first-served basis. 

ALTERNATES: Alternates will be accepted for the State Amateur Championship for players who withdraw after the starting times have been posted, and for players who do not show at the championship site, as determined by the NHGA Tournament Committee. Alternates will be determined by formula and an alternate list will be posted on the NHGA website following the final pre-qualifier. 

REFUND POLICY: Entry fee, less $10.00 service charge, will be refunded regardless of reason if the NHGA is notified by phone (603-219-0371) or email prior to close of entries. After the close of entries, fees will only be refunded if a replacement is available. In the event of injury or illness after the close of entries, refund will require written confirmation and will still be subject to a $10.00 service charge. No refunds will be made after the tournament date for any reason. 

RULES OF COMPETITION: Play will be governed by the 2016 Rules of Golf and the current Decisions as approved by the USGA, by the NHGA Rules of Play (Hard Card – available at the starting tee and NHGA Web Site), and by any Rules Addendums handed out at the respective site. Questions will be settled by the tournament director in charge of the competition as assigned by the NHGA and the tournament director’s decision shall be final. The consumption of alcoholic beverages during a stipulated round is prohibited. 

PACE OF PLAY: In addition to any Pace of Play guidelines set forth by the Committee, the following provision will be in force at this event: The Committee reserves the right, at any time, to time a group when the Committee deems it necessary. Further, if a player is determined by the Committee to be unreasonably slow, he may be timed individually at the Committee’s discretion, regardless of whether his group is out of position. Players should also be aware that the Committee may assess a “bad time” to a player in a group that is out of position if the player makes no effort to help his group to get back into position. Examples of this would be a player who unduly delays play between strokes or holes. Penalty: 1st Bad Time=Warning; 2nd Bad Time=1 stroke penalty; 3rd Bad Time=2 stoke penalty/loss of hole; 4th Bad Time=Disqualification.

PLAYER’S ACTIONS: Any player whose actions during any NHGA tournament are deemed by the Committee to be detrimental to the NHGA, to the tournament, or to the Host Club will be subject to penalties as determined by the Committee, such possible penalties to include removal from the tournament, and suspension from future NHGA events for a period of time to be determined by the NHGA Board of Directors.

CONFLICT WITH USGA CHAMPIONSHIP: Any player who has qualified for and committed to play in any USGA Championship beginning the Monday following the NHGA State Amateur Championship will be removed from the State Amateur field and will be sent a full refund of their entry fee, subject to the discretion of the NHGA staff.

STARTING TIMES: The player shall start at the time laid down by the Committee. Rule 6-3 will be in effect with regards to starting times. Starting times will be posted on our web-site at www.nhgolf.com. Players are responsible for knowing their starting times and being present and ready to play at the time laid down by the Committee.

SCORE POLICY: Any player who shoots a score of 18 strokes or higher than the course rating during on-site qualifying rounds may be denied entry into the tournament the following year. During pre-qualifying, any player who shoots 10 or more strokes higher than the score needed to pre-qualify may be denied entry into the tournament the following year.

CADDIES AND CART TRANSPORTATION: Players may use caddies or cart transportation during play. Those players who wish to use carts are responsible for making their own arrangements with the host club. Golf carts are to be used by players and caddies only; any other person riding in the cart may be asked to leave the golf course at once. Spectator carts may be allowed at the championship site for the Tuesday playoff, and/or Friday and Saturday matches, at the discretion of the Committee and host club. Spectator carts will also be authorized for those persons with disabilities, provided some written proof of disability is provided.

DRESS CODE & GOLF SHOE POLICY: Proper dress code of host club for all stages of the competition will be observed. Host clubs’ policies may prohibit the use of certain golf shoe spikes. In such cases, it will be a condition of the competition that such spikes will not be permitted for use at such clubs. The penalty for breach of this condition will be disqualification. The NHGA assumes no liability to players for this condition of the competition. 

LEGAL WAIVER: By submitting this entry form and subsequently playing in the competition, players agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless NHGA and its respective affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities, and losses, including without limitations reasonable attorney’s fees and costs and expenses of litigation, arising out of any negligent act or mission of the indemnifying party in connection with the tournament. Pictures of players may be displayed on the NHGA web-site; those players not wishing their picture to be used should notify the NHGA office at the time of application.

PRIZES: Champion: The winner will receive the championship trophy and bowl and merchandise credit. The Medalist(s) will receive a trophy and merchandise credit. Low Junior qualifier will receive the Ty Abate award. Merchandise credit will be awarded to players reaching the Round of 16 matches.

THE COMMITTEE: The NHGA Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein for this event/championship due to weather or other conditions warranting such action. The decision of the Tournament Committee in any matter shall be final. The Committee in charge of the tournament will consist of the officials of the New Hampshire Golf Association in attendance.