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2016 Thomas J. Leonard Player of the Year

RankPlayerClub NameNumber of EventsOther EventsTotal Points
1 Paradis, Matthew Concord Country Club31812.0
2 Tombs, Ryan Manchester Country Club22712.0
3 Cilley, Jim Ridgewood Country Club50663.3
4 Houston, Chris Laconia Country Club11600.0
5 Salo, Damon Bretwood Golf Club30472.5
6 MacDonald, Nick Hanover Country Club20450.0
7 Martel, Michael Nashua Country Club32445.0
8 Salo, Cameron Bretwood Golf Club30440.0
9 Gillis, Brandon Souhegan Woods GC11350.0
10 Kohler, Ryan Hooper Golf Club30347.5
11 Pleat, Phil Nashua Country Club32345.0
12 Pleat, James Nashua Country Club21300.0
13 Ferullo, Jamie Rochester Country Club20232.5
14 Steckowych, Craig Portsmouth Country Club31227.5
15 McLaughlin, Will Concord Country Club20180.0
16 Landry, Bob Loudon Country Club20175.0
17 Greenleaf, Connor Windham Country Club20158.3
18 DeVito, John Passaconaway Country Club20157.5
19 Everett, William Laconia Country Club40155.0
20 Chamberlain, Joshua Stonebridge Country Club40145.8
T21 McKee, James Windham Country Club20125.0
T21 Mielcarz, Bob Concord Country Club20125.0
23 Arvanitis, Daniel Derryfield Country Club20110.0
T24 Barrett, Chelso Bretwood Golf Club01100.0
T24 Friel, Ryan The Overlook Golf Club10100.0
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